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Mental Code

How do I know what mental health expert to choose?

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A crucial part of the process is finding the right person to work with. This is usually based on quickly feeling you can build trust and rapport with that person, as well as feeling convenient with the style of work they offer.

Checking the therapists’ profiles will give you insight on their field of expertise, experience, approaches and style of working. Also you can make your choice based on your availability.

All our experts are professional mental health care providers that were carefully handpicked to help you to deal with your issues.

How many sessions will I need?

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Everyone is different and is experiencing different challenges, therefore there is no predetermined number of sessions. Still your mental health expert will be there for you to guide on the number of sessions you will probably need. You can discuss it during your first consultation session.

Please also bear in mind there is a set amount of sessions prepaid by each company for each employee. Take it into account, planning your treatment.

What happens in my 1st consultation session?

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During your first consultation session you will get to know your mental health expert, discuss your request for the therapy or identify your demands in the treatment for now and decide on the number of sessions you will likely need to resolve your issue. You can also ask your therapist to give you feedback about any other worries you have in the regard of the therapy.

What topics should I discuss during therapy or counselling sessions?

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Deciding to start the therapy you may be quite sure about the request you have. Or the opposite - you may catch yourself just feeling bad or struggling. These both are fine with us. Your mental health expert will help you to identify your demands so that you would better understand your problem.

With the sessions flow you will probably discuss your emotions, thoughts and feelings, in the end aiming to find your best decision or state of mind regarding the issue you have to deal with.

How long does a therapy session last?

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Each session lasts up to 55 minutes. Please take care of yourself and arrange a quiet and comfortable private space with a good Internet connection for your online therapy.

We also advise to arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time, so that you can take a breath and switch from your daily routine. This will help to enter the session on time and get prepared for the process.

Are there any specific requirements for the space I’m going to have my sessions in?

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For your session to run smoothly you’ll need to find a quiet and private space with a stable Internet connection. Please be sure you won’t be disturbed, interrupted and more likely not being eavesdropped (you can use earphones for more privacy).

Confidentiality and security are crucial for the treatment process. Please take care of yourself!

How do I cancel my session if I can’t be there?

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If you are unable to be on the session you have booked, please make a cancellation in advance. Here we have a rule of 24 hours. That means if you cancel the session 24 hours beforehand or earlier your company won’t be charged for it and you will be able to reschedule the session for your new convenient time. Otherwise you will miss the current session as if you have used it out of your sessions credit (please, keep in mind there is a certain amount of sessions provided for each employee by each organization).

How many sessions can I access?

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Good question! It always depends on particular terms determined in the contract between your organization and Mental Code. Please reach out your HR team or other coordinating authority to clarify the type of subscription your employer has for Mental Code services. You should also ask about the amount of sessions prepaid exactly for you and other given conditions of access to the therapy in your organization.

What if I don’t feel good after a session?

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Having therapy is often a challenging experience of inner transformations. This can’t be easy. Every change costs us some energy loss and of course you need time to have transformations happen. Instead you create your new reality and acquire an experience of new patterns of perception and behaviour.

While in therapy please be sure you take care of yourself. This means having enough sleep, being in work-rest balance, eating healthy food and whatever else that works for you.

Do I have to pay a mental health expert?

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There are different types of contracts with each organization.

If your employer has joined the Mental Code Employee Benefit Programme, you won’t need to pay for the therapy. In this case you have a certain number of prepaid sessions you can visit free of charge or there are other given conditions of access to the therapy determined by your organization.

If your employer uses Mental Code services as a partial employee benefit, you can access the therapy on a partial self-funded basis.

Please contact your HR team or other coordinating authority for further information.

I don’t want my employer to know that I am using Mental Code, is the platform confidential?

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Absolutely! We have designed Mental Code in such a way that your employer won’t know whether you have accessed sessions or reviewed any other supporting content via our online platform. Rest assured!

How do I end my therapy or counselling sessions cycle?

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If you've decided to terminate your treatment, please let your mental health expert know at least one session before you intend to quit.

It’s advisable the therapy to be ended up gradually so that you can resume the results, talk over all unresolved issues and discuss with your practitioner the reasons for your decision to quit.

Such an approach will help you to close up sessions with a clear understanding of your inner processes and to identify the point where you are now in your treatment process.

It can also reduce your feelings of being disappointed, frustrated or dissatisfied in case you face them.

In case of any further questions please contact Mental Code team

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