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Don’t be alone in your troubles

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We are all human beings living lives full of ups and downs. We are here to carry you through it.

Mental Code is an on-line platform offering a wide range of services in mental health: from accident-based counseling to long-term psychotherapy.

Ask for psychological support whenever you need it.

Enroll for the session through an online booking button and get matched to our counsellors and psychotherapists that are qualified and skilled in the mental health issues you have to deal with. 

How it works

4 Steps of Employee

Stage 1

Enroll for the session through our online booking system

Stage 2

Schedule the session, picking up your convenient date & time

Stage 3

Select from the list of practitioners the one who suits you the best

Stage 4

Be there on time and get the support you need

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Book online session

Take care of yourself. It’s important.

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