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Our mission, goals and values

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Mental Code is one of a kind startup platform in Ukraine aimed to match two worlds: corporate business and psychotherapy.

Our mission is to go beyond the stigma in mental health issues and to provide mental wellness in the workplace through high quality psychological services in organizations.

Our goal is to come up with tools that will help businesses to take care of their employees’ wellbeing in the most suitable way and simultaneously to afford them a unique advantage no one on the market can offer.

Our values



From the total of 7,5 bln people living in the world we believe in the same number of individual ‘normals’. That is to say everyone has its own uniqueness, and in mental health as well.

We are here to respect it and to support individuals at all times. We listen, we care and we have empathy for each person.



We are non-judgmental and supportive to everyone on their journey of personal growth regardless of initial point of mental wellness or background.

Such an approach encourages and enables people to bring their whole selves to work.



We take responsibility for all our actions and commitments towards our clients, practitioners, our team and professional communities.

Start caring of your people in a completely new way

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