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Сaring of your people in a completely new way

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Caring for employees’ mental health is a new normal.

World is moving up so fast. Each day being humans your employees have to deal with hundreds of upcoming inquiries, fit themselves into rapidly changing circumstances, e.g. pandemic lockdowns and other restrictions, solve problems at work and in personal life.

Such a stream of life requires a lot of emotional and mental energy to cope with everyday challenges.

Mental Code is a platform of an online mental treatment aimed to help your people to overcome difficulties through personalized solutions and approaches, resulting in their well-being, better productivity and efficiency in the workplace. 

How it works

4 Steps of Business

Stage 1

Request for corporate monthly subscription for your employees

Stage 2

Obtain constant access to psychological support for your people

Stage 3

Receive report on participation rate and RoE on the monthly basis

Stage 4

Measure the outputs and outcomes

Ensure your employees’ well-being through the personalized approach and professional mental health support

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